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Cura Surveys

  • Productivity
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Cura Surveys is a component of Cura Assessor. It allows the organization and users to quickly and easily build risk management / compliance campaigns for their employees. Questions are answered in the mobile GUI. Building on the data and domain structure already utilized in Cura Assessor, campaigns can be scheduled and targeted to specific employees or groups of employees. A Campaign is labeled as a Controlled Self Assessment (CSA) when it targets a particular employee.

Cura Surveys also allows the survey administrators to monitor the progress of the Campaigns and to sign off and close the surveys. When an organization needs to gather information or data from its staff, suppliers or other stakeholders, a very effective method to do so is to conduct a Campaign. In the most simple of terms, a company has certain questions to ask as part of its Risk Management or Compliance process, that can be sent to relevant staff members, and which will produce certain results in the form of answers.