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Random Person Picker Pro

iPhone / iPad
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How often have you been in situations when you and your friends come to a party and cannot decide who’s gonna drive you all back home? Or have you ever fought with your brother or sister who’s to carry the trash out? Or who’s to walk your dog? Or the most vital question of our everyday life – who’s going to cook?

Often we make up some schedules and regulations governing trash and dish washing, as well as tea brewing and flowers watering, that we don’t follow, ask other people to replace us only this time (as we swear) promising we’ll replace them in due time (we’ll never do). And what about irregular situations, when you have to decide, who’s going to do something and nobody can remember who has done it the last time and you begin to argue?

One cannot eliminate getting into bad mood when one has to do something unpleasant, however it’s possible to minimize this and save friendship and family relations from breaking off. Meet Random Person Picker – this amazing app will randomly choose someone to carry one or another duty without hard arguments and fights!

HOW TO USE: Launch the app, put the people who have to choose from in a list or choose a list where all of them already are, them choose a situation you’re in, set the number of persons to be picked and the app will randomly select him or her (or them)! Pure fortuitousness, no fraud, no manipulation!

Here are the situations that are already add-in:
1. Who will carry the trash out?
2. Who will wash dishes?
3. Who will come to the blackboard?
4. Who will water flowers?
5. Who will walk the dog?
6. Who will replace a diaper?
7. Who will brew tea?
8. Who will feed the baby?
9. Who will cook the dinner?
10. Who will drive?
But you can pick a person for any situation you want!

Random Person Picker FEATURES:
- 10 situations from our daily life to pick someone for
- add your own situations when you need choose somebody
- function to set the number of people you need to select
- possibility to make different lists of persons for every situation
- unite the lists with persons together when you need

Erase all unnecessary arguments from your life with this marvelous randomizing app! Random Person Picker will turn hours-long fights into quick, easy and even funny action! Enjoy everything nice in your life and let randomization do the rest!