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whichGirl: Is she really interested?

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As a man, does dating leave you feeling frustrated?

Do you feel un-appreciated no matter what you do?
Do you feel that you are never quite good enough for her?
Do you always seem to get stuck in the dreaded friend zone?

This app does an assessment of the attractive qualities of both you, and your romantic interests. It highlights the best match.

But why would you want to do that?

A woman's attractiveness is obvious... you don't need an app to tell you that! What is not always so obvious is her interest in you.

Unfortunately, many women send mixed signals. She may seem like she is interested and yet nothing ever seems to come of it. It's a kind of no man's land between definate interest and definate disinterest in which many men get trapped... and end up wasting their time energy and money... for nothing.

Quite simply, this app can help you pick the good prospects from the bad. Rather than relying on hope and luck, it adopts scientific principles to match you with the right* girl, saving you time and money. If you are tired of putting in effort with no return, or even worse, being harshly rejected right from the start, this app could save you a lot of heartache.

*the one who is most likely to be as enthusiastic about you as you are about her.

Features -

record your impressions of her
make a quick note of the place you met, her phone # or anything else
take a photo or use one you already have
see how she matches up with you and her likely interest level (this can be very different to how she appears)
sort women by date, attractiveness, mutual attraction or your interest level
password protection to ensure privacy
comprehensive notes, explanations and instructions

Get your dating life organised and stop wasting time and money on women who are not really interested in you. Prioritize the women who are really interested in you!