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Crooked Compass

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
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Would you love to swim in a hidden cave beach, bungee over an active volcano, snow shoe through the Mesa Verde, eat in a restaurant dug into the sand, witness an underwater waterfall, sleep in a vintage 727 aircraft, experience local festivals where hill tribes minorities select their life partner from a simple dance they spend 12 months preparing for, stay in a working Kibbutz, eat Hakarl with the locals in Scandinavia, visit a theme park 100m underground located in a salt mine, cuddle a baby panda.... you get the gist.

We've all seen those images pop up on social media or in emails of uniquely amazing places on our planet and think to ourselves 'Wow! Where is that? That would be amazing to see/do!' so you start googling only to hit a dead end and you can't find any further information. 

The Crooked Compass App brings those experiences to you that you have only ever dreamed about experiencing. It creates another dimension to the way you travel by encompassing unique, off the beaten track experiences and delivering them to your hand held device. Offering many rare experiences travellers may not have heard of before, this app allows you to steer clear of the tourist traps and add a local touch of authenticity to your style of travel.

A brilliant tool for travellers who are already on the go, to those who are still in the planning or day dreaming stage, the app is an informative platform showcasing some of the world's best kept secrets. Grouped into 11 categories some of which include Adrenaline, Animal Encounters, Eat Like a Local, Unique Accommodation, Festivals and Weird, just to name a few, are bursting with experiences providing supportive imagery as well as thorough information on what the experience is, the best time of year to experience it, where it is located, how to get there, how much it costs and how to book.

The interactive social media aspects allow bragging rights to those who love to flaunt their travel conquests, wish to recommend to a friend or simply because they have come across something that intrigues them.

With the functionality of a bucket list builder, your experiences will stay safely stored until you successfully tick them off.