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Meeting Notes

  • Productivity
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Meeting Notes was designed by a manager to keep track of important notes and actions arising in regularly recurring meetings e.g. one-on-ones with staff, periodical review meetings, etc.

The app begins with a Meetings page listing all the recurring meetings the manager attends. Each line item includes the date of the meeting where the last note was added or updated, as well as an icon indicating the types of notes within this group of meetings.

Pressing the information button next to each Meeting reveals a list of Notes, grouped by the dates of the actual meetings, that have taken place in the past. For each Meeting Note you can add Note Updates to track actions or statuses related to that Note.

So the structure of the app is a list of Meetings, each of which has many Meeting Notes (grouped by the dates the actual meetings took place), and optionally one or more Meeting Note Updates related to individual Meeting Notes.

Features of Meeting Notes include:

Notes are grouped and sorted by the dates of each meeting.
Notes can be marked as actions, with priorities and due dates.
High priority notes are bolded.
Completed notes can be hidden or revealed.
Notes can be marked as My To Do for separate listing.
Notes can be emailed.
A search function to find specific Meetings or Meeting Notes.