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Developed by lawyers, this app strengthens your handwritten last will & testament.
It safeguards your handwritten will to the benefit of your beneficiaries.
It protects your last will against legal claims in court.
In just a few steps, this app will:
- establish the date and place of your signing
- record the reading and signing of your written will
- prove that you signed the will yourself
- prove that you were not pressured or coerced into signing your will (not under any duress)
- prove that you were familiar with the content of your will
- prove that you were sane and not delusional when you signed your will
- safeguard your will by indicating where the original of your handwritten will is being kept (you receive a notice card pointing towards your Video Testament, to keep in your purse or wallet)
- release it at the right time to your beneficiaries, thus saving them time and effort.
Upon completion of your Video Testament, your last will and testament will be encrypted and uploaded to a secure server.
In due course, and only after a strict verification process, your Video Testament is then released to the beneficiaries you listed.
All aspects of the safekeeping and the release of your Video Testament are handled by trained legal staff.