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Top iPhone apps gone free for April 25th

Prices were last updated 13 minutes ago

If you are looking for some exciting apps, and you want to take advantage of some great price reductions, then check out our list of the best iPhone apps that have just gone free for a very limited time. These apps were free at time of publication but please check their official iTunes page to verify price.



Price: $1.99

Hands down, this app is one of the most charming endless runners we have seen so far for the iOS…and it also doesn’t hurt that it has a plot that involves more than just “run and escape from enemies”!



Max Awesome

Price: Was $0.99

Tony Hawk ain’t got nothin’ on this app! Seriously, who in their right mind would jump over spikes and bombs?!






Stunt star: the Hollywood years

Price: Was $2.99

Really, if there ever was one platform where “stunt” games are made for, it’s the iOS! And this app is one of the best we’ve seen out of the bunch yet!





iSpellWord Game

Price: Was $0.99

Word games: yep, they’re as addictive as apple pie, no matter how many you’ve “tasted” before!







Price: Was $0.99

It’s a word game with a slight twist: if you can’t find the designated words fast enough, the “clues” will be popped off into hot air! For those looking for a more immediate experience to their word games, this app is for you!





Word triangle

Price: Was $1.99

Finding words inside a triangle, which is more fun than what it actually sounds!







Price: Was $0.99

For frequent diners and club-bangers, it’s an understatement that this app isn’t a hit with them! If you’re one for oversharing, then this app would do you well!





Food GPS greatest gobal eats in SoCal

Price: Was $1.99

Southern California as a foodie destination? Why, it’s the least strangest thing to have happened to the region before! And you can be one of the “early adopters” with the help of this app!





Timeline – calendar

Price: Was $0.99

Your whole year at a single glance, literally! If you’re sick of frequently consulting the “regular” calendar on your iPhone, then this is SURELY  a great alternative to it!


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