If you are looking for some exciting apps at a great price, then check out our list of the best iPhone apps on sale for April 28, 2013. These apps were on sale as of publication but please check their official iTunes page to verify price.


Arrows XD

Price: $0.99 was $1.99

This is a simple puzzle game that takes ages to master. It has more than a hundred levels and provides hours of entertainment.


Cartoon Studio Pro

Price: $0.99 was $1.99

Want to make cartoons on your iPhone? This makes it easy, allowing you to either create your own characters through photos or use the provided ones.




Storyboard Composer

Price: $0.99 was $4.99

This app is designed for directors, producers, writers, animators and more who want a way to visualize their stories.





15E Scientific Calculator

Price: $0.99 was $7.99

This is a scientific calculator on your iPhone – perfect for those times you really need one but don’t have one nearby, just use your iPhone!




Contact Transfer

Price: $2.99 was $3.99

This app allows you to get your contacts from your old phone, be it an old iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia or Motorola.