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Top iPhone apps gone free

for May 12th
Prices were last updated 13 minutes ago

If you are looking for some exciting apps, and you want to take advantage of some great price reductions, then check out our list of the best iPhone apps that have just gone free for a very limited time. These apps were free at time of publication but please check their official iTunes page to verify price.


Doodle Run

Price: Was $0.99

This is a fun game where you run through multiple doodle themes, like rain, snow, day and night. Get weapons like bazookas!


Poco CameraPoco Camera

Price: Was $0.99

This app is a photographic tool designed for mobile users – it has several built in camera lenses, editing effects, and sharing is easy.




Movie FX CamMovie FX Cam

Price: Was $0.99

This app lets you make amazing videos/photos with various effects like The Matrix, Cinema and more. It can record in 1080p if your device supports it.





Price: Was $0.99

This app allows you to paint your hair different colors, allowing you to get a basic idea of what hair dye would look like on you.





Price: Was $1.99

This app lets you take better pictures of your food with a real-time color palette. It’s easy to use!





Price: Was $3.99

This app lets you simply snap a picture of a business card and import the details like name, job title, company and more.





FloodMap MobileFloodMap Mobile

Price: Was $1.99

This app helps you get information on floods in your area and the risks you face. It’ll help you prepare if the worst does happen.




Flashlight: Clap to turn it on/offFlashlight: Clap to turn it on/off

Price: Was $1.99

This app is incredibly cool – you clap to turn your flashlight on and off.It's simple but also very fun.




TouchPixTouchPix Weather

Price: Was $0.99

Let’s face it: most weather apps are boring. They contain tables of information when really you only want to see the current weather. This app can do that (it also supports 4 day forecasts), and presents the data in a great-looking style.

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