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Top iPhone apps on sale

for May 23rd
Prices were last updated 14 minutes ago

If you are looking for some exciting apps at a great price, then check out our list of the best iPhone apps on sale for May 23, 2013. These apps were on sale as of publication but please check their official iTunes page to verify price.

Black Shark

Price: Was $2.99, now $1.99

This is a super-realistic flight simulator of the Russian Ka-50 attack helicopter. You can play in Free Flight mode or go on combat missions.

Sucker’s Punch

Price: Was $9.99, now $0.99

It appears this game is about women – all kinds of women – and violence.




ColorManager Cam

Price: Was $1.99, now $0.99

This photo editing app lets you control the colors of your movies. Adjust the color sliders to magenta, green, yellow, red, cyan, or blue.





Price:Was $1.99, now $0.99

This is not your run-of-the-mill sketch app. It has simple controls and it’s easy to make customized avatars for all your contacts!





Price:Was $6.99, now $4.99

Do you love to make and sell cakes? This app helps you price out all your cake recipes, all of the work that goes into them, and then helps you calculate a price for your cakes that includes a profit.

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