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inBudget provides a great balance of social networking and budgeting

06 Jul 2016 Developer News
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Apps are proving to be more than just a pleasant distraction; many now benefit our day-to-day lives in a very positive way. inBudget is one of those apps, providing a fluid, seamless accounting experience to help you keep track of your finances.

More than that, the app provides a balance between social networking and budgeting, allowing you to share budgets with family and friends. This has a very practical aspect, making the transferring and sharing of budgets simple and quick. Whatever the size of your project, sharing your budgets with the key people involved is a real bonus, and synchronises beautifully with today’s near-permanently connected world.

On top of the mix of social networking and accounting, the app comes with a load of useful, unique features. It’s entirely safe and secure, allows you to reuse budget templates, and gives you daily and monthly breakdowns of your accounts and budgets. Also, it’s perfectly personalised, allowing you to customise to your preference; whether you prefer to keep a detailed track of your financial life or just opt for a cursory check now and again, inBudget allows you to do both.

This is a forward-thinking, instinctive app which can provide a great service for the less financially inclined, as well as coming up top of the list for those more versed in accounting.

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