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You Totally Rock: the new lifestyle coach app

15 Jun 2017 Developer News
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You Totally Rock
You Totally Rock

Is getting out of bed getting harder and harder? Do you suffer from a midday slump in motivation? Do you feel yourself lagging toward the end of day and need an inspirational lift? Then you’ll love You Totally Rock - the new life-coach-style app from Jumping Ahead Inc. Wake up in the morning the right way with a motivational quote, maximise your effectiveness with positive habits and smash through the afternoon fog by staying focused and galvanised to work.

The You Totally Rock team believe that a positive mindset is of the utmost importance to get you motivated and keep you there to reach both your daily goals and your lifelong dreams. By using well-timed positive psychology techniques like reinforcing positive imagery and messaging, the You Totally Rock app is able to snap you out of any distracting stupor or bad procrastination habits by refocusing your mind on what is most important to achieve you goals in work, life and relationships. Sign up with email of Facebook and receive three, well timed and personalised posts in the morning, afternoon and evening.

If three just isn’t enough and you need a bit of an extra boost because you’re feeling things like self-doubt, self-pity or you’re being overly self-critical then you can hit the ‘rock it to me’ button for an instant and direct motivational boost. If any of the messages particularly resonate with you and you feel that there are other people in your life that could benefit from an inspirational hit then you can share it with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest direct from the app.

You Totally rock is free to download from both the App Store and Google Play so iOS and Android users are completely covered for any of their inspirational needs. What’s better, is that the app is also contains no bolton in-app purchases or annoying advertorials to the space remains solely about the user and their overall well being.

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