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Balagan: Drinking Party Game by Drink-O-Tron Games

16 Jun 2017 Developer News
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Can’t remember any good drinking games? Alcohol tends to have that effect, but don’t worry, the new, brash and oh-so-cheeky drinking game app by developers Drink-O-Tron have got your back and it’s gonna get you wasted... Play all of the hits including: ‘never have I ever’, ‘truth or dare’, ‘categories’, ‘would you rather’ and ‘rule master’. Or if you want to try something a little different then give the rounds of ‘pop culture’, ‘karaoke’, ‘conversation starters’ and ‘who’s this?’ a bash.

Balagan is free to download from the app store and comes equipped with all you need to get well and truly blotto with ‘random’, ‘drinking’ and ‘action’ rounds. But, if you’re feeling fly and want a little more choice then you can purchase the aforementioned rounds for $0.99-a-pop or, if you want the whole nine yards right from the get go then you can pay a one-off fee of $3.99 to get the full evil genius of Balagan at your fingertips. Watch your friends squirm as they try to answer cringe-worthy questions like: ‘Fuck marry or kill.

Choose from everyone playing’ and ‘Everyone sexier than John drinks’ or complete humiliating dares such as: ‘Hula dance off between Tim and Jill. Loser drinks!’ and ‘Hands up! Mike, keep your hands up for the next 5 minutes’. So what are you waiting for? Jump over to the App Store and start the party with Balagan today!

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