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Outfit Gurus: take away the unnecessary stress that comes with deciding what to wear

06 Jul 2017 Developer News
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Outfit Gurus
Outfit Gurus

Tired of spending hours upon hours frowning at your ever expanding closet complaining that you have nothing to wear? Bored of assembling outfits and choosing accessories only to absolutely hate what you’ve chosen? Women spend an average of 16 minutes deciding what to wear each morning, that’s a whopping 287 days over the course of their lives - it’s about time we started claiming these precious hours back! Outfit Gurus is here to save the day and take away the unnecessary stress that comes with deciding what to wear.

This funky fashionista app is the brainchild of Swiss fashion entrepreneur Daniela Nunan and will fast become your go-to style advisor by helping you to pick out a killer outfit for your next big event - using the clothes that you already have in your closet. The app works by getting you to uploading each item of clothing in your wardrobe to the app, creating a virtual closet ripe for perusal by Outfit Gurus online fashion community. Simply send out a fashion SOS in the form of a ‘Need Advice’ prompt listing the details of your upcoming event.

This will allow the fashion fairies on the app to take a look at your closet and choose the perfect outfit for you to wear – jaw drops guaranteed! So if you don’t know what to wear to your impending hot date, are worried about showcasing another fashion disaster at brunch this weekend or simply just want some everyday style advice from those in the know - Outfit Gurus have your back. Avoid the all-encompassing wardrobe rage and download Outfit Gurus for free today – your stress levels will thank you for it!

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