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Four Great Apps for Personal Finance and Investment

08 Aug 2017 Developer News
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Managing your money is one thing that has become a lot easier since the dawn of smartphone apps. Whether it is about investing money for profit, setting and managing a budget, making calculations, or simply sending and receiving money, using your phone to help you take care of your personal finance and investment can make life a lot simpler.

There are hundreds of good apps in this sphere of the app market, so it is a good idea to put in some research before deciding which ones to add to your own money management strategy. Here are four apps that are ideal for those who want to have convenient ways to become better at investment or managing their financial affairs:

IG's Online Trading App

If you want to be a money mogul, then one thing you are likely to want to be more involved with is trading on financial markets. The IG online trading app gives you everything you need to do this, and is free to download and use for people who have a trading account with IG (which you can also set up through the app). With a simple to use interface, and plenty of useful analysis and insights you can access, IG's app makes you feel confident in your trading and helps you plan what you want to do with useful insights.

Level Money

Level Money is a tool for people who want to budget better and manage their incomings and outgoings more effectively. The app connects to your banking data and shows visual representations of the money you have coming in versus your bills and spending. It makes recommendations based on this information and serves as a financial advisor in your pocket!


If you want a simple, user friendly way to view and plot your budget, then Goodbudget is an app that can help a lot. It uses the fairly traditional 'envelope' system, whereby you allocate different amounts of money to virtual envelopes geared towards certain things, such as saving for a given thing or using it to buy food for the week. It offers a way of looking at your money and spending patterns that is easy to understand and logical, and while it may not have any fancy tricks up its sleeve it can be a great tool if you want to get a better grasp of where you might be wasting money or overspending.


A lot of people find that they lose track of what they've bought and have trouble remembering what their expenditures were. Wally is an app that gives you a simple way to not only log what you spend but also view analyses of the data relating to it, helping you identify where you might be able to be a bit wiser or more restrained with what you spend. It allows you to scan receipts to log spend, so you don't have to painstakingly enter a log by typing in the details every time you want to record a transaction – something that causes a lot of users to give up on recording spend on other apps after a short period.

These apps are all very useful whether you want to earn more money via investment or get a better grasp on the money you already earn. They are all available for both Android and iOS.

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