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Campfire - Live group video chat room

12 Sep 2017 Developer News
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If you’re in the market for a group chat app that incorporates everything you already love about other social media apps in one handy download, then sit up and pay attention ’cause the Campfire - Live group video chat room app has just hit the scene and it’s lit a fire under the seats of socialites the world over. Campfire is a colourful, cute and easy-to-use group chat app with a fun and simple interface. It lets users chat in groups (hello, WhatsApp) with live video streaming (laterz, Skype) and excites conversation with playful and interactive emojis and filters (SnapChat, who?).

It’s available to download for free from the app store and contains no annoying advertorials or in-app purchases. All you need to do to install Campfire - Live group video chat room is download load it, put in your phone number and give the app access to your camera and microphone - then away you go - the late night squad chat possibilities are endless. If you’d like to tell your group exactly how you’re feeling then you can update your profile with a different mood be it: angelic, awkward, busy, fedup, gloomy or sunny etc. You can also change your profile pick so that it always best reflects you.

Campfire makes it easy to invite friends to join and will even alert you if one of the other people round your campfire has invited a newbie to the group! If you have any questions, queries or feedback then the Campfire team can be contacted directly by email straight from the app, but with the Campfire’s intuitive interface, the only question you’re going to want to ask is if the developers want to join your campfire so that your happy team can say a big thanks for bringing them even closer together! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the App Store and start sharing stories with your campfire crew today!

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