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How To Use Boomerang On Instagram

07 Feb 2018 Developer News
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Instagram has gone through many revolutions since its first release in 2010, including implementation of an explore tab, addition of new-fangled filters, video sharing, and Instagram direct private messaging. One of the most recent happenings of Instagram is taking place outside of the app itself on its daughter app that is Boomerang, but how do you use boomerang and what is it?

What is Boomerang?

Boomerang is a well liked mobile app presented by Instagram that allows users to create 1 second video-loops to create images like GIF which can be posted online since the app doesn’t have its own news feed. Although it is Instagram based and can be used within the Instagram app, you do not need an Instagram account to use Boomerang.


Boomerang is an idea inspired by Twitter’s Vine, which offered users to create 6 second video clips on loop. Though, along with other things the creation and rise of Boomerang has led to the closing of the Vine app. Boomerang does not, however, have an audio quality. The app can be downloaded by iOS and Android users and allows users to be resourceful and experimental. It has been embraced by a myriad of users for both personal and commercial use. Many brands have used the app to promote their services and products, to demonstrate a style of the brand’s personality, to show sneak previews and for behind the scenes purposes.

This is like a video app that makes visual stories in a way that's somewhat different from a regular video or still photo. It is like a fairly new app from social media giant Instagram that breaks the boundaries on what social media content is supposed to be. How? Well to quote Instagram, "It's not a photo. It's not a gif. It's a Boomerang."


Boomerang works by taking a super short, wonderful quick rupture of photos and combining them together into a mini funny video that plays forward and backward and forward and backward and so on, well, I hope you get the idea. As I mentioned, it creates a few seconds video that’s in an endless loop for example if you pluck the petal of a rose it will play in a loop in which it seems as if the petal is being plucked and put back in place magically.


The app isn’t itself social in that it doesn’t offer users a dedicated stream to share and find out other Boomerangs. In its place, users can share their creations to Facebook or Instagram, or even send them to third-party services like email to someone or tweet it.


How do you get started? 

Here we provide step-by-step tutorial to get booming as soon as you can.


Step 1: Download The App For Free On The App Store

Having Instagram doesn't mean you automatically have fantastic Boomerang; you have to download it for free from the app store to get started. Available on Google Play Store and Apple Store!


Step 2: Select Something Cool To Boom

To take the benefit of this super easy interface just point your mobile camera at something you want to capture. There will be three simple buttons on your display screen: the shutter (bottom center), the flip-cam symbol (bottom right), and the flash (top right).


Step 3: Find Movement And Tap The Shutter

To create movement in scene, find a view and hit the shutter button. In less than three seconds, your video will be created!


Step 4: Preview Your Video And Upload Wherever You Desire

It will take you to a preview screen that has the option of uploading your video directly to Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or send to someone, via email or Facebook messenger, or add it to your notes app on i-Phones.


Step 5: Watch Your Final Product On An Endless Loop!

And that's it! The whole process took less than one minute and created a fun, high resolution video. So, don't bound yourself to being indoors with the unlimited features of this app, because there's usually a lot more movement outside.

Boomerang Hack

Before capturing the video, tap the screen 4 times with four fingers to make known a secret feature offering settings options to edit the resolution; boomerang mode i.e. forward and backwards; forward only; backward only; frame count; long capture frame count; capture frame rate; playback frame rate and default camera positions. Happy Booming!

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