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The Top Five Apps To Make Your Life More Organized

13 Feb 2018 Developer News
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We rely on our smartphones to keep us in check. It might be for waking us up in the morning, keeping us on time for meetings or of course checking emails and taking conference calls. And that’s just in our professional lives. Our social lives revolve around our mobile phones, but even our mobiles need a helping hand every now and again. There are dozens of amazing apps out there to keep both us and our phones organized. Here are our favorites, must-haves, and apps that will seriously improve your day-to-day organization. 


Trello is basically a virtual batch of sticky notes where you can put all your thoughts and keep them in one organized place. Not only that though, you can assign deadlines, reminders and color codes to make sure everything stays on track. You’ll be given a three day reminder for each note so you’ll never forget to tick everything off your list.


We’re not sure about you, but junk mail can be the bain of our lives. That was until was released anyway. With this app you can unsubscribe to all junk with one click. It organizes all your subscriptions each day so you can delete or read accordingly. It makes sifting through emails a thing of the past. And we could not recommend this app any more.



For those with multiple social media accounts or a social life/business that means you need to post frequently, Hootsuite will allow you to manage all your accounts and schedule posts across the day, week, and even month. You can manage multiple channels, including Twitter, Facebook and Google+, while you can also monitor replies, retweets and mentions.


RoboForm Password Manager

Now, this isn’t strictly an app, but it will benefit both your smartphone and desktop computer tenfold. Password Managers really are a revelation and RoboForm is one of the best out there. You won’t find a bad review  out there on this one, and you can keep all your passwords saved to your phone, without having to remember a single one. It’ll keep all your passwords safe and secure as well as generating passwords that are almost impossible for hackers to break.



One for the fitness freaks is Strava, an app that will collate all your activity in one easy-to-use app. It’s free to download and will not only track what you’re doing, including speed and distance but also allow you to compete against friends and those doing similar routes. It’s arguably the best fitness app out there so if you’re looking to start tracking workouts, Strava is the one for you.

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