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How to track a phone number - discovering who texted or called you

11 Jun 2018 Developer News
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Unfamiliar phone numbers and spam calls are a problem the majority of people deal with. Whether it’s a sales agent trying to pitch you an “amazing” deal, or a scammer looking to get you to get unnecessary charges on your data contract, these types of unknown callers are probably things you want to avoid. However, not responding to an unknown number, either calls or text, might not be a viable solution for you - perhaps a dear one has changed their contact info an is trying to reach you, or an employer  is contacting you to arrange an interview, for example. To not miss out on an important call, nor to deal with unwanted conversations, nowadays, you have the simple solution of tracking a number. How can you discover exactly who’s been calling or texting you? Well, keep reading and you will find out


Popular tracking methods

Nowadays, you have access to various effective tracking methods, each coming with its own set of advantages. Depending on your preferences, and on the purpose of your research, you are a bit to select the tracking technique that suits your needs best. Usually, the top options people seem to resort to lately, are the following:

  • Search engines

Lest’ start with the most simple option you have. Depart not being that effective in most situations, numerous people still rely on it – the basic search engine. With no need of setting up a software tool or downloading anything on your mobile device, search engines could provide put a name to the phone number that is constantly trying to reach you,  and the research process can be handled in a rapid manner. Just Google the number and see if any information pops up. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can resort to other, more advanced methods.

  • Lookup online platforms

Tracking websites are probably the most popular option out there, being easy to understand and use, and not requiring the download of an app. Based on a reverse phone number lookup technique, online platforms of this kind have an extensive database at their disposal, making the process of searching for information extremely convenient. However, you should keep in mind that no all sites designed with this purpose offer the same level of effectiveness, so it’s necessary to research all of your options, and choose on that you know will bring you the level of accuracy desired.

  • Lookup apps

Functioning under the same principle as lockup sites, apps use a GPS tracking technique to give you the required results. Usually, if the mobile application selected is an advanced one (which means you should research its effectiveness beforehand), all the details provide will be updated and accurate. 

  • Social Channels

Yes, nowadays, you can even rely on a social network to get the answer you were looking for. Usually, phone numbers are linked to a person social media accounts, so a simple search on your chosen channel, can be all it takes to actually discover who the person calling or messaging you is. Often, the number doesn’t even need to be included in the said person’s profile for you to find out their name an even location.

What kind of information will you be able to access?

Besides the regulate name providing feature, what else will you be able to find out regarding an unknown number? Usually, if you resort to an advance lookup site or software tool, you will also be supplied with the following:

  • Personal info

Obviously, personal details are the main factors that you are granted access to when you are resorting to one of the tracking methods above mentioned. Starting with address, and phone number history and up to social media accounts, email addresses and even accounts on dating sites, you will be provided with a long and extensive list of details that gives you exactly the  informative resources you need. The best part of remote tracking sites or apps is that they have access to even billion of public records, so all the comprehensive information you need will be put at your disposal without further complications.

  • Court records

When you are able to get the name of the person calling you, accessing further information on their persona becomes simplified. One of the things that you will be able to discover is their court record. As you can notice on, apps and websites designed with this search feature can scan county, federal and state databases, so you can find out if the said person has any lawsuits or criminal records you should know about. This can be extremely convenient in various situations, preventing you from dealing with a person who may not exactly have the best intentions. The possibility of discovering any court records is the reason why numerous employers also use tracking methods to gain details on interviews, and you are able to use the feature exactly the way you please.

Fast results

What’ amazing about today’s technology, in relation with number tracking, is that you are able to obtain extreme fast results, giving you the chance to get to the root of the issues without having to wait too long. Depending on the platform you use for information generation, you might access an extensive list of details in less than 60 seconds. Whether it’s a criminal record, an address or even professional verification, your demanded info will be granted to you in the shortest time possible. Providers of provider of comprehensive background check services are usually the ones that guarantee the fastest search.

Whether you are simply extremely attentive of your privacy, and don’t want to engage in phone calls without knowing exactly who has been contacting you, or you are afraid of those telephone scams, using the right means of tracking back a number can remediate a situation of this kind. Now that you know a bit of information on the topic, receiving text or calls from unknown numbers will no longer be a problem for you.

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