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Word Agents Reviews Apps for Better Blogging

14 Jun 2018 Developer News
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Word Agents Reviews Apps for Better Blogging

Blogging is becoming more popular each year, with an increasing number of large and small companies jumping into the phenomenon as well as individuals running solo blogs. The purpose of blogging is to share your thoughts, but the result can be increased sales for businesses, fame for individuals and more income than you could ever think possible.

Truly, blogging has been a digital revolution and has made more millionaires than most people would ever realize. While social media networks have taken away from some of the popularity of a long-form written blog, certain industries like fashion and beauty have never had more bloggers than they do today and with advertisers pouring in to compensate them, it’s unlikely to stop anytime soon.


Word Agents Reviews The Challenges of Blogging

But it’s not all fun and games; blogging is a serious endeavour for both companies and individuals. Readers are fickle, and even a few bad articles in a row can lead to them never returning to the website, and when you’re compensated based on your audience size, that can be a scary thought. Word Agents reviews explain that as a result, bloggers are far more professional than they were a decade prior.

No longer are they uploading silly photos or posting twenty-word posts about what they are eating for lunch, the bar is far higher and with that comes more challenges. To compensate for the increased difficulty of blogging it’s necessary for these bloggers to utilize technological solutions which can increase their speed and provide more value in less time.


Constantly Publishing New Content

In the era of Instagram and Twitter, one post every two days often isn’t enough. People are becoming accustomed to seeing social media celebrities posting multiple times each day alongside live videos and stories. To compete against this, bloggers often post once each day at least, alongside heavy social media use and other platforms like YouTube or Twitch.

Posting this much content each week is incredibly challenging, especially when many bloggers also have other commitments which drag them away from their desks. Writing this much, editing, creating graphics and posting posts is typically done from a desktop computer, but with these apps, it’s possible to do all of that on the go, whether you’re on the train or in the gym.


The Importance of Maintaining Advertisers and Affiliate Programs

Another large challenge for solo bloggers is maintaining advertisers and affiliate programs which is where most of them generate their revenue from. While company blogs are typically making money from the sale of their products or services, solo bloggers rely on a large number of people reading their blog and seeing the advertisements on their page.

Often these ads need to be agreed directly with the company, and all of this can take hours. Unless a blogger is very popular, they are unlikely to have an agent, and while it’s possible to use options like Google AdSense, they usually make far more money by going direct. As a result, bloggers spend tens of hours each month in contact with companies, going through contracts and replying to emails. With such a busy schedule, it’s vital that they can accomplish this from their mobile phones.


IFTTT for Time Saving

Much of the work that a blogger does is tedious and manual. Sure, they spend hours doing creative work when they are writing or creating images, but there is also all of the background work that many people will never see. These tasks include copying files from apps to Dropbox and other tools, copy and pasting posts from one social media platform to the other and replying to emails each day.

IFTTT stands for “if this then that” and it does exactly what you might imagine, it allows you to automate tasks by setting up recipes. A recipe is simply an activation when then leads to a sequence, for example, you might create a method that says when an image is posted on Instagram it should download it and upload it to a Dropbox folder.

This small but incredibly functional app can save bloggers precious minutes each hour which can add up to hours each week. Plus, because the jobs are typically the most boring roles that a blogger has, it can also allow them to enjoy their career more and therefore create superior work.


WordPress for On the Go Editing

The vast majority of all blogs on the internet are ran using a platform called WordPress which allows even the most technologically incapable people to run complex websites. You’d be surprised at how many large and beautiful sites use WordPress because even the least technological staff members can use it without any training at all.

It has a very similar interface to Microsoft Word or Mac Pages, and therefore it’s perfect for a blogger who is more interested in their writing than the backend of their website. But WordPress has typically been used on laptops and desktop computers until they released their iPhone app which allows writers to edit posts on the go.

Being able to quickly change posts on the fly without having to go home can be a lifesaver, particularly if it involves an angry advertiser who has noticed a mistake that is costing them money.


Aweber for Email Campaigns

Almost every large blogger nowadays realizes that social media is fantastic, but the real power is on an email list. The problem with social media is that you’re building your empire on somebody else’s land and it’s possible that Facebook or Twitter could ban you, losing you your audience overnight.

With an email list that’s not possible. It’s your property, and you can keep a local version downloaded to your computer. As a result, the email list is a key part of being a successful blogger. One of the more popular email campaign companies is Aweber which allows bloggers to quickly create beautiful email campaigns to encourage their audience to visit their latest post.

Using Aweber, it’s possible for a blogger to create a new complex email campaign from their phone, targeting a niche group of their audience and letting them know about an advertiser or their latest post. But most importantly for a blogger with no technical experience, Aweber has thousands of beautiful templates to choose from so that making a stunning email campaign has never been simpler.


Social Media Apps for Communication

Social media is growing each week, and it’s undoubtedly the number two role of a blogger behind actually writing the content for their blog. It’s impossible for a blogger to operate without all of their social media accounts integrated to their mobile phones at all times.

However, these apps are not the easiest and simplest way for a blogger to send posts to their accounts, we’ll talk about that next. Instead, the apps themselves should be used for direct messaging and communication with fans. Industry leaders like Gary Vaynerchuk have made it clear in the past years that it’s vital for a business to interact directly with their customers on social media to make them feel important and it’s no different for a blogger.

Popular bloggers should make an effort to respond to every single comment they get, presuming they aren’t negative because fans appreciate it and it can turn them into lifelong supporters. Similarly, advertisers and affiliate programs will often message a blogger through their social media and be able to reply promptly is crucial.


HootSuite for Post Scheduling

Rather than using Facebook or Instagram directly for posting on the platforms, it’s far easier and quicker to use HootSuite which allows you to post to them all at once. Plus, using HootSuite, you can schedule posts out into the future. This feature allows you to post on the weekend, even if your mobile phone is shut off and you’re enjoying time with your family.

Blogging can often feel like a lifestyle rather than a career because it’s nearly impossible to get away from it and therefore it’s smart to turn off the technology occasionally to take a rest. Unfortunately, the social media zeitgeist never sleeps, but with HootSuite, you don’t need to worry. You can schedule posts using your mobile phone wherever you are and have them post weeks, months or years in the future.


Google Analytics for the Latest Data

The majority of bloggers use some form of analytics program to track the number of people that come to their website and where they are coming from, both geographically and from which website. This data is important not only for tracking their progress but also for negotiating with advertisers and affiliate programs to earn better rates and to increase their revenue.

The most popular analytics platform by a long way is Google Analytics because it’s free, easy to use and can be integrated into other tools including the Google Search Console. For bloggers, this data is critical because it can give them information about which posts are doing well and which flopped, which can influence what they will post about in the future.


Gmail for Contacting Others

Email is vital, even in the era of social media and Gmail is by far the most popular email provider because of its beautiful interface and simplicity. Companies are impatient by nature, and as a result, it’s critical that bloggers can communicate with them regardless if they are away from their desks. Therefore, the Gmail app is a must-have for bloggers that rely on advertiser and affiliate program revenue.

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