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Kidslox And Its Advantages

04 Jul 2018 Developer News
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The world of IT technology tends to develop very important applications. Each IT development resolves certain social issues. IT apps facilitate the life of people.

One of the most useful developments in a family sector is Kidslox app. It is a good

iphone parental controls application for gadgets. For small cost, it helps parents to improve life of their children and the overall safety.



Main Features of Kidslox

Kidslox is one of those programs that will always be in demand. It is a user-friendly software. Adults can download it on computers or mobiles of kids. Here are the main features of it:

  • It enables to put time control. Usually kids are overwhelmed by online entertainment. They get so interested that stay four - five hours online. Obviously, it is not good for their health. Such a habit destroys eyesight, and distracts children from everyday educational activities. With Kidlox parents can preset the screentime. They define how many hours a kid can stay online.
  • It makes it possible to block miscellaneous content. Internet is a great environment. It is ideal for getting news and entertainment. However, there is much content online that is harmful for kids’ mental and emotional wellbeing. It can make child scared or depressed. That is why Kidslox enables the adults to block access of kids to certain websites. Parents have simply to push the ‘Block’ button on a gadget.
  • It helps to improve kids’ activity and experience online. Today, online education is very popular. Top universities in the world use  virtual environment to elaborate courses for people of different age. There are many programs available for children. Parents can define what websites their children can use, and time they can spare online. It will greatly improve education process for a child.
  • It helps to manage everyday activities. It is an important function of Kidslox Android app. Adults can define when bedtime of a kid is. They can also signalize to a kid when he has to read, or how much time he has to spend studying.

These are the most beneficial functions of Kidlox. It is a great application that facilitates child’s activity in the modern computerized era.



How Kidslox Functions

Kidslox was specifically developed to be used on all possible gadgets. You can use it on computers, smartphones and tablets. A program will finally operate both on iOS or Android phones.

If you are still not sure whether this program is really beneficial, you can enjoy free trial period. Company offers free use of software for 14 days.

If you want to extend usage, you can also easily do it. For 3.99 dollars you get a month subscription. As the contact gets longer, the price falls. The most attractive is a ‘Lifetime’ option. You get full unlimited access for only 79.99 US dollars.

If you try once Kidslox iOs app you will see how beneficial it is. It will become an indispensable tool to educate your kid. You will also manage your kid’s daily regime better.

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