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Top App Games in the UK

19 Dec 2018 Developer News
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On-the-go gaming apps are all the craze today, just as hand-held video games were a decade ago and tops (?) were twenty years before that.

Society nowadays is all about being fast, being quick and accomplishing in an easy manner the solution to whatever the problem is. And gaming apps are the obvious solution to quick stress-busting in the middle of an on-going, tedious meeting or an entertaining way to clear your head when you feel frustrated.

With the changes in time and improvements in technology, our ways of entertainment and excitement have changed as well. To learn what people are playing nowadays apart from bingo, listed here are the top gaming apps in the UK:

Candy Crush Saga

The most beloved gaming pastime of all of the United Kingdom, Candy Crush is a free-to-play puzzle where the player is expected to match three or more candies to make the arranged sweets drop. Released on April 12, 2012, for Facebook, other versions for iOS, Android Windows Phone and Windows 10 followed. The app game is a variation of the browser game Candy Crush.

Subway Surfers

Co-developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games, Subway Surfers is an endless runner game where the player is expected to continue playing till the character gets terminated, collecting coinage and other amenities along the way. The game is available on iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows Phone platforms and works using the Unity game engine. Players take the role of a graffiti artist caught spray painting a metro railway station site. The game starts with the character startled with a whistle before he/she/it (the player gets to choose the character) starts running from the Inspector and his dog, hoping to the left and right to avoid obstacles and oncoming trains, jumping on top of trains, grabbing coins along the way.

The location of the metro station in the game changes periodically as the game developers take it to different famous places in the world, like Paris, Egypt, etc.


Traditional and untraditional betting apps are also coveted in the UK. Bingo, especially, is one of the staple plays in the Kingdom, which is proven by the development of new bingo sites in the UK all the time. Because there are so many options when it comes to online bingo, it is recommended to visit, where the operators understand how bingo is not just a way to pass the time anymore. It is a part of life for many, and thus the site is diligent in collecting only quality sites that offer great bonuses and an altogether wonderful bingo gaming experience.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is also an endless running game, where the play ends when the character is terminated either by knocking against a low hanging arch or tree, getting burned by intermittent fires along the way, falling to his/her death heaven knows how deep, or in other grisly yet interesting ways. Developed and published through Imangi Studios by a husband and wife team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova, the game is a sequel to Temple Run, the first game in the series. It was released on the App Store on January 16, 2013, on Google Play on January 24, and on Windows Phone 8 on December 20.

Only one and a half years after its release, it was estimated that the game and its predecessor were downloaded over 1 billion times.


An unconventional addition on this list, since most people would rather say they don’t know anything about this game, Pou required you to take care of a virtual pet that looks remarkably like what comes out the wrong end of a dog. Yet still, it isn’t for Pou’s aesthetics that the game is so popular, but rather for the mini-games that a user can play ‘for Pou’s entertainment’. You can earn coins through these mini-games, which allow you to buy accessories, costumes, and food for your pet. You can also send your Pou to the dentist or the doctor or take him on a wild roller coaster ride for good measure.

Pet Rescue Saga

Evil Pet snatchers are doing their evil thing and picking up adorable and “It’s so cute I’m gonna die!” pets, taking them away. It is our job, being the good, upstanding people that we are, to rescue these pets and release them to their rightful owners. It is only the straight and honourable thing to do.

In Pet Rescue Saga, the player helps rescue the pets by smashing open boxes. They do this by matching boxes of similar colour and crushing them open. Along the way, the game offers powerful new weapons with which to annihilate even more boxes.

The game is available in the form of an app but can be played on a PC or Mac via the Bluestacks Android Emulator app, which allows your computer to play any android app on the market.

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