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The best apps to get in 2019

21 Feb 2019 Developer News
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When it comes to mobile apps, creators got us used to fresh releases almost every month. Because of the fact that “our entire life” lays on a portable device, applications that make our life easier are definitely a must. Now, there are all kinds of apps available and the tricky part comes when you have to choose one. Before downloading something you should take a look at the reviews and also check out our listed apps.

We would like to offer you a little help so we created a list with the best apps to get in 2019. We did our best to include diverse options from different arrays of interests such as photography, shopping, finances or entertainment.


Glitch Art Studio

Available only on iOS, this application will help you transform any mundane photos into impressive snaps. You have all kinds of distortion effects at your disposal in order to add an artistic touch to your photographs. The free effects can give you the impression that you are being displayed on a broken television but if you really want to alter your snaps, you have the option to buy unique filters. Also, you have the option to create your own filters and have fun with your photos.  


If you are a fashion enthusiast, this is the perfect mobile application to use. Depop is the go-to mobile marketplace for the creative community. You can buy or sell everything you want from clothing, jewellery, art, books and many others. Keep in mind that all purchases made with this application are 100% secured by PayPal protection. Also, you can discover inspiring styles all over the world with the explore page, chat with over 7 million users or attend community events like local meet-ups or Depop parties. This is available on Google Play and App Store.

Fabulous –Motivate Me!

Change your habits with this intuitive application! The design is very colourful, which will offer you some great vibes. If you desire to change your lifestyle, this can come in handy because you are able to set goals and track your habits. However, Fabulous is more than a way to create rituals; you should see it as a coach, which helps you increase your energy, become more focused or sleep better. Take it step by step and change little things in your life that lead to creating a healthier and improved lifestyle. It works on both Android and iOS devices.

King Casino Bonus

With more than 120 casino bonuses, amazing visuals and awesome tournaments, this application will offer you many entertaining hours. Download the app from App Store and gamble like you never did before! They add daily casino bonuses so there is no chance to get bored. Thanks to the amazing animations you will experience the real Vegas gameplay. These offers also come with big jackpots so you can enjoy high winnings anywhere you are.


How many of you encounter problems when it comes to managing your finances? Well, with Mint you won’t have to try to remember how much money you spent. The answer will be one tap away. The app keeps track of multiple bank accounts or credit cards and will help you stay on a budget. With Mint, you can set monthly budgets, discover what you are spending and oversee your bills. This way, you will be able to get a more complete picture of your financial life.

Do you want to shop from international sellers, enjoy your time with some exquisite slots or manage your financial resources? The apps are easy to download and very fun to use.

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