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Top 5 educational games for iOS

22 Feb 2019 Developer News
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According to a dissertation service provider, educational games are highly beneficial to all age group. They can either help to teach a specific concept or make learning fun. Another unique thing about educational games is that they entertain, and there is a long list of options out there that runs seamlessly on iOS operating systems. So if you are looking for games that will educate and entertain you at the same time, then check out these top five educational games below.


1.    Chess – Play and learn

This ancient game has been around for many years. But the most intriguing thing about it is the enormous educational benefits it can offer. Chess is one of the most complete and effective brain-teasing games on the planet. Adults and children can also enjoy it.

Impressively, the chess game played on a physical board is the same as the one installed and played on mobile devices. But impressively, two individuals can slug it out from different devices but on the same board. Or you can play with a computer opponent and adjust its strength to suit your capability. Chess can also develop your analytical and mathematical skills, among other benefits.


2.    Sudoku

Many familiar and awesome board games are now on iOS and other platforms. And impressively, Sudoku is one of them. The game is also not only easy to use on mobile devices but has stunning graphical quality and animation that will leave you speechless.

Sudoku is not only entertaining like many other educational games out there. It’s also an incredible brain teaser. You will have the chance to solve puzzles and even compare your scores with other Sudoku players from around the world. Amazing, right? Indeed, the game is worthwhile.


3.    New York Times Crossword

The NYT Crossword is a puzzle educational game that offers an incredible experience. This game also runs on iOS devices and is similar to the New York Times crossword printed on daily newspapers.

This crossword is for adults and will give you access to modern puzzle features that makes the game more engaging. These include solving various puzzles with tricks such as checking, related clauses, rebuses, revealing and many more. Plus you can have access and play wherever you find yourself.


4.    GarageBand

If you are interested in turning your iOS device into a live studio, GarageBand is an ideal app to choose. You can record, play and share music files whenever, and wherever you find yourself via GarageBand. The app will also grant you access to a unique sound library where you will find hundreds of unique instruments and loop packs to make good music. GarageBand is an incredible app for individuals who cannot do without music.


5.    Drop 7

There are educational games that challenge one’s mental capability. If that’s the kind of game you are looking for, then Drop 7 fits the bill. The game is fun to play but quite deceptive in a unique way. And according to the developers, players must be above 13 years to play the game. Compete for higher scores with friends from other parts of the world who are playing the same game with you.



According to write zillas experts, there are tons of benefits educational games can offer students at all levels. There are also many incredible games in this category to choose from. And one impressive thing about these games is that you will never feel bored. They are as entertaining as any other class of games out there.

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