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Entertainment Apps To Keep You Busy

03 Jun 2019 Developer News
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Entertainment apps
Entertainment apps

How many times have you found yourself bored at home during the weekends or on holidays? Or maybe, you get on one of those long bus trips that you so impatient and agitated that you wish you'd brought a friend along to keep you company. You don't always have to drown yourself in this kind of boredom and sorrow- though- even if you're by yourself; as modern-day technology offers up lots of entertainment apps that are sure to keep your mind occupied for as long as necessary. All you need is your smartphone device, tablet, or PC; and an internet connection. Whether you're using an Android, Windows or iOS-run device; there are hundreds of apps that you can install on it, either from native app stores or third-party app stores. We've detailed a few of our favorite entertainment apps below to help you out.



How about picking up some foreign language skills as you kill time? Learning a new language has always been fun. However, Duolingo takes the entertainment aspect to a whole new level, with the app's developers going to a game-like user interface and learning process. For instance, the language app's leaderboard feature borrows from gaming culture; and since humans are innately competitive in nature, this feature makes the learning process more entertaining. The app is available for free on Apple's app store and on Google's play store.


Tubi TV

Are you bored at home, but can't find any good shows on cable TV? Try out this streaming service that has loads of licensed movies and TV shows in their catalog. Being as it's a free movie and TV streaming app, you won't have to spend a single penny on your Tubi TV download. The company's partnership with key film industry players- like Paramount and Starz- means that they regularly update their movie list. The app's accessibility via multiple platforms- including iOS, Android, and windows- is also a major plus.


Pokerstars Casino

This app- which simulates real, brick and mortar casinos- features lots of poker games including Omaha poker, Spin-and-Go poker, and Texas hold'em. What's more, the app's creators have an online website with a 'Pokerstars School' section, whereby beginner gamblers can hone up their poker skills before having a go at it via the app. This impressive gaming app can be installed on both iOS and Android devices.



If you're that much into games and movies, listening to music is always a great way to keep yourself entertained. Spotify Music, which is available for both android and apple devices, is one of the leading music streaming apps, globally. The popular music streaming service even offers exclusive music content for those that have paid for premium access. You can- therefore- get to listen to some of the newest music releases in your favorite genres a fortnight before they become available on other music streaming platforms. How cool is that?


While native app stores like Apple's app store, Google's play store, and Microsoft Store are the most common and popular sources for entertainment apps, there exist hundreds of other third-party app stores that stock several interesting apps. Other cool apps that you might want to try out- in addition to the ones mentioned above- include Temple Run, FL Studio Mobile, and Candy Crush. Social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are also great for entertainment.

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