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Angry Birds Stuffed Toy To Act As Zero-G Indicator On Flight To International Space Station

26 Oct 2011 News
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iPods and an iPhone are already aboard the International Space Station but how about iPads or an Angry Birds plush toy? Not yet but, don't worry, the next two Russian flights to the International Space Station will bring them aboard. The iPads are for entertainment purposes and the Angry Birds plush toy will act as a traditional Russian indicator for when zero-g is achieved. Later this month, two iPads will be part of the cargo of an unmanned flight to re-supply the International Space Station with other important stuff like oxygen and water. On November 3, three Russian cosmonauts will head for space accompanied by an Angry Birds plush toy.  According to Cosmonaut Shkaplerov:
"According to the existing tradition, we take with us small charms [as a zero-g indicator]...This indicator we start on Earth, hung on a string, just behind the door between the landing module and living compartment...At a time when (we) start weightlessness, about 10 minutes after launch, it will begin to float. So we understand that the start of our flight was a success and we are already in space."
The Angry Birds toy was chosen by Shkaplerov's 5 year-old daughter. Angry Birds is now poised to conquer space just as much as it has overtaken Earth since its release on December 11, 2009. [Sources: msnbc and CollectSpace] [Photos Credit: CollectSpace]
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