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64 iPad 2s Cover Saks' Flagship Store Window for Fashions Night Out

07 Sep 2011 News
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As part of the 2011 Fashions Night Out in Manhattan scheduled for September 8, 64 iPad 2s and 18 Apple Cinema Displays cover three windows to Saks Fifth Avenue's flagship store.  The installation was designed and put together by Gin Lane Media. According to Fashions Night Out's website:
"...celebrities, designers and stars will perform and mingle with shopper as they take part FNO-exclusive events and snap up special designs."
64 iPad 2 cover one window while nine 27" Apple Cinema Displays each cover adjoining windows. According the The Loop:
"The display will feature [sic] original Stylelist imagery, streaming content, tweets from around the Web and user-submitted photos with the #StylelistatSaks hashtag. “The iPads are running a native iPad application specifically built for the installation,” said Dan Kenger, Digital Creative Director at Gin Lane Media. “Using a local network, which we setup, we are able to get all the iPads to talk to each other as well as perfect the timing to produce elegant fades and control what device should display what.”
This story was first reported by The Loop.
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