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Apple headquarters not yet cleared for take-off

25 Nov 2012 News
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Apple told city officials that the construction of their new headquarters (that looks like a huge spaceship) in Cupertino, California could take until mid-2016 to be completed as the company goes back to revise their building plans. Previously Apple hoped for a 2015 project completion date so this is a bit of a setback.

It looks like it'll take the city until June to complete their environmental impact report and Apple may have to wait until 2014 to start working on the exciting new building.

The new documents presented to the council show no major changes to the initial design presented by the late Steve Jobs in June 2011. The revisions include a method that means the project won't require significant removal of dirt and they want to move it a bit further from a surrounding road than initially planned.

One thing that hasn't changed is the design - it'll still be circular, four stories, 2.8 million square feet and mainly constructed out of glass. The new campus will be home to around 14,000 employees and 7,000 trees will be inside the circular building.

At 2.8 million square feet this building will be one of the biggest in the world - to be expected from the world's largest company (by market value).

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