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iPad Mini With 7.85" Display For Less Than $300?

03 Jul 2012 News
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Many have thought that Apple would introduce an iPad mini alongside the 10" iPad, to provide competition among 7" tablets. Another rumor has surfaced, suggesting that we may see a smaller iPad, sporting a 7.85" display...and it'll be less than $300. From an anonymous source who spoke to (translated to English means Unwired View), we can expect the tablet to be as thin as the iPad 2 and to have improved battery life. The report also suggested that the display will use Sharp's IGZO display technology, allowing it 330 pixels per inch. The tablet will only be available in an 8GB model and will be priced between $249 and $299. This is higher than the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire, but Apple products do tend to cost slightly more, so this makes sense. Also, the screen will be slightly larger, which may draw some people to the device and justify the higher cost. Much of the iPad mini speculation started when the Wall Street Journal reported that various Apple officials had been displaying designs of a smaller iPad. The device was thought to have a similar resolution as the iPad 2, but of course, due to the smaller screen, it'll have a higher pixel density. The report also suggested that we may not even see the device - these might just be new designs, not a production device.  
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