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Wall Street: iPhone Sales To Slow In Q2 2012

23 Jul 2012 News
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Many market analysts believe that we'll see a slump in iPhone sales through June's quarter this year due to speculation that a new iPhone (dubbed the iPhone 5) will be announced and released in September/October. None of this is confirmed by Apple, which likes to keep these kind of launches secretive until the actual event. The speculation stems from two ideas: one is that the iPhone 4S was launched in October 2011, and year gaps are typical with Apple products. Secondly, iOS 6 will be launched this fall, and Apple likes to release a new iOS device to show off the new features at the same time. According to, investors believe that come third quarter earning results, we'll see a slight decline in iPhone sales. The results are poised to arrive on Tuesday. In between the March and June quarters last year, we saw sales of the iPhone grow by 9%, but then slumped by 16% in the following quarter, in lieu of the iPhone 4S. So it's likely we'll see the same result this time as well.  
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