Apple Fixes Recent Hack, But Buyers Can Still Bypass It

news by Rick Rockwell, 23 Jul 2012 rss subscribe

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Earlier this month, a Russian hacker wreaked havoc on Apple when he found a way to purchase apps without paying for them. The hacker ended up fake purchasing over 8 million apps. Over 100 games were affected by this hack. Since then, Apple has worked hard to try and fix the hacker's breach. According to a July 23rd report by The Guardian, Apple notified developers that they have fixed the hack and have given developers and unprecedented access to Apple's APIs on IOS. This news prompted the Russian hacker to declare Apple's victory since he feels that there's no way to get pass Apple's API. Apple's fix will check both new and old purchases, to ensure their validity. Apple's new system will wipe out any fake purchases made by the method the Russian hacker used. Some developers blame Apple for not protecting them from this type of attack. Apple didn't allow developers to check the validity of the SSL certificate in the first place, thus allowing the hack to work. It's believed that this hacking method will continue to work until developers update their apps. Apple is expected to continue to monitor this method of hacking and increase their efforts to protect the developers.

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