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Apple Wants Samsung Punished Over Leaked Evidence

02 Aug 2012 News
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In the on-going Apple vs Samsung patent trial, Samsung leaked various images of its defense onto the Internet, attempting to show that Samsung was working on items similar to the iPhone's design before the iPhone was announced. Apple lawyers aren't happy, claiming that Samsung is trying to influence the jury through these leaks to the media. The US District Court Judge (Lucy Koh) is also annoyed at Samsung over these leaks, and has demanded an explanation for the leaked documents. Apple has asked Koh to place sanctions on Samsung for this behavior. According to, the reason for the leak is because Koh refused to allow Samsung to show to the jury Samsung's pre-iPhone phone designs that clearly showed a design similar to the iPhone (ergo, they aren't copying Apple, as its not a unique design). One can assume that Samsung then leaked the images it had prepared to the media, in the hope that people might see them and potentially influence the jury. Why did Koh refuse Samsung permission to display the evidence? She stated that it was submitted too late. She later demanded a written explanation of why Samsung released the information, which she didĀ receiveĀ from John Quinn, a Samsung attorney. He stated that they did authorize the public release of these images after they weren't allowed to display them in court.  
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