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Kodak Wins Slight Victory Against Apple In Patents

02 Aug 2012 News
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Kodak has defeated Apple's ownership claims to two of the 10 patents that Kodak is looking to sell to help save the company from bankruptcy. Judge Allan Gropper, a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge in Manhattan, has declared that because Apple waited too long before asserting the claim, Kodak gets the keep the patents. Back in June, Kodak sued Apple and accused the company of disrupting Kodak's patent auction, scheduled for next week. If Apple had been able to successfully claim that the patents aren't Kodak's, then those patents wouldn't be able to be sold at their upcoming auction, so this ruling was vital for Kodak. Kodak is  depending on this auction to help save the company. According to, Apple has filed some counterclaims against Kodak, stating that some of the technology patents Kodak hold are actually Apple's technology, so ergo aren't actually Kodak's patents. Apple has tried to take the matter into a U.S. district court instead of the current bankruptcy court but this request was denied. The ruling also included a third company, Flashpoint Technology, who were also claiming ownership of five patents, including two of the patents involved in Apple vs Kodak. They were also found invalid. Stefanie Goodsell, a Kodak spokesperson, has stated that Kodak is pleased with this partial ruling.  
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