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Apple: Samsung Tried To Corrupt Jury

03 Aug 2012 News
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Apple has asked District Court Judge Lucy Koh to find Samsung guilty of infringing on Apple's patents. Samsung leaked various images to the media after being told the company couldn't use them in the actual court case. Apple believes that Samsung was attempting to influence the jury, who might see the images on a news website. John Quinn, one of Samsung's attorneys in the case and behind the "leak" to the media, has stated that because the document was submitted to the legal case, it became a public record that he could then share with various reporters if he wanted. According to, Some of the items disclosed include extras from an interview with Shin Nishibori, an Apple designer who stated that when he worked on the iPhone design, he had used Sony's Walkman as an aid. This information could then make the iPhone an unoriginal design, so Apple wouldn't be able to pursue Samsung for use either. The move was risky by Samsung, and some feel that it was unnecessary; if the company had no intention of corrupting the jury, what would be gained by the leak?  
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