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Apple's Bid For Samsung Sanctions Denied

04 Aug 2012 News
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On Thursday, Apple called for Samsung to receive an immediate loss in the lawsuit case between Apple and Samsung to act as a punishment for Samsung leaking various pieces of information to the press - (the full story is here). This request was denied by federal judge Lucy Koh on Friday. The complaint from Apple was that it would influence the jury after hearing of this information that Samsung released. According to, Lucy Koh polled the nine jurors, asking them if they had read any media surrounding the case. All of them had abided by the judge's orders to not read any media. Ergo, no corruption took place. The information was released by Samsung on Tuesday by John Quinn (the main attorney for Samsung) after learning Samsung could not rely on the evidence in the legal case as the lawyers left it too late to submit. Quinn felt that this was favoring Apple over Samsung and included that in the release.  
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