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Apple Slips, Android Gaining In China During Q2

04 Aug 2012 News
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According to a report from Canalys, despite Apple's growing presence in China through the use of Apple Stores and huge iPad sales, it seems that the Chinese favor Google. In 81% of smartphone shipments in China (China accounts for 27% of the global smartphone market, much bigger than the U.S's 27%), Android was the platform on the device. This sucess isn't limited to China alone - globally, over 100 million Android smartphones were shipped, beating any previous sales record. According to, as with most markets, Samsung is in a clear lead in the Android market, accounting for 17% of the market. After that some uncommon brands appear - ZTE, Lenovo, and Huawei. All of these companies are based in China and ZTE and Huawei aren't as well-established in the U.S. Apple saw a sharp drop of 37% with the first quarter, which can be attributed to the Q1 launch of the latest iPhone in China, so it's natural to see a drop-off after launch. Many could attribute Android's success to the price - many low- and mid-range Android devices exist and so will appeal to the lower-middle class in China. With the iPhone, it's a very expensive device in comparison, so i'ts expected that it doesn't do as well in less economically-developed countries.  
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