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HTC Revenues Down 27%, Cites Heavy Competition

05 Aug 2012 News
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HTC has fallen short of analysts expectations and have reported a 27% revenue drop leading to a 57% in operating profits. The poor results are being blamed on increasing competition in the smartphone market. It's bad days for HTC. Just two years ago the company was behind some of the most popular Android smartphones like the Desire HD. Even pre-Android, HTC was doing well in Windows Mobile. This success gave it ability to launch the first-ever Android smartphone, the Dream/G1. According to, HTC's still one of the higher end manufacturers - while Samsung strives to do well in all markets with low-end devices like the Galaxy Y, HTC lacks does not. Its lowest current generation device is the Desire C, which hasn't done well in reviews thanks to its high price compared to other similar smartphones. That'd be fine if HTC's high-end was doing well, but its also doing poorly. Despite a new "One" range, sales are poor - the Galaxy S III is trumping the One X. HTC officials have stated that they will "deliver a comprehensive range of products to offer customer choice" suggesting that we may see, yet again, a huge number of HTC phones being released in an effort to boost sales (and also confuse customers).  
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