Federal Court Causes Apple To Reveal Biggest Marketing Secret

news by Matt Tennison, 06 Aug 2012 rss subscribe

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In the Apple vs Samsung patent legal case, we are learning a lot about how both of these companies operate. On Friday, Apple's marketing chief revealed that thanks to the strength of the Apple brand, the company doesn't need to advertise new product launches. Instead it just relies on media coverage and product placement. According to BusinessInsider.com, Apple even found that upon initial launch of the iPhone back in 2007, it didn't even bother advertising it for a while, knowing that positive reviews would appear and the device would sell itself. The company also likes to rely on product placement in movies and TV shows, so much so that Apple has a dedicated Apple employee who is close with Hollywood to ensure that Apple gadgets are used in TV shows and movies. After all, if you pay attention in most TV shows and movies you'll see the iPhone as the cell phone of choice and MacBooks seem over represented as well, which is certainly all not coincidence.  

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