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Samsung Says Apple Destroyed Evidence

08 Aug 2012 News
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In one of the largest patent lawsuits ever between Samsung and Apple, Samsung has stated that since Apple was no better than Samsung at preserving e-mail evidence, it ought to receive the same penalty. Samsung has written to the judge for the case, Lucy Koh, and pointed out a stark lack of emails by Steve Jobs surrounding the patent trial between 2010-2011. Samsung has stated that this lack of retention hurts Samsung's case and thus wants appropriate damages to be issued. According to, two weeks ago, Samsung was accused and punished by a judge for "consciously disregarded" emails thanks to its automatic email deletion system that was kept running while the company was supposed to be saving emails for a legal case. This response is only fair: Samsung has now been punished via penalties four times. Now the tables are turned. These patent cases have been primarily focusing on the iPad and the Galaxy Tab, two tablets that both look similar. No one debates that they share design features, but it comes down to if Apple does indeed have the right to patent such designs. A similar case has been going on with the iPhone and the Galaxy S range (bar the GS3).  
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