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YouTube App Won't Be Pre-Installed On iOS 6

07 Aug 2012 News
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Apple has announced that in the upcoming version of the iOS operating system, which is used on the iPhone, the iPod touch and the iPad, won't have a dedicated YouTube app out of the box. This seems to be the latest blow Apple is dealing in its rivalry with Google, the one before being the removal of Google Maps. Since 2007, at the iPhone's launch, the YouTube app has been pre-installed. At first it worked well, as Google really saw no reason to sabotage the application. However once they launched Android, the two firms became fierce rivals in the smartphone market and so Google tends to dedicate most of its mobile resources towards apps and sites for the Android platform. According to, Apple did have a license allowing it to distribute the YouTube app straight out of the box, but it has expired now, and Apple hasen't sought to renew it. Once iOS 6 is rolled out, users will have to resort to either downloading the YouTube app through the App Store manually or using the mobile web version via the Safari web browser. The next generation iPhone is expected to be announced on the 12th of September, with a release date of the 21st. Apple tends to release a new iOS at their September event, so we'll likely see iOS 6 on the 21st of September.  
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