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Apple Sells 1.7 Million iPads In China Q2, Captures 72% Of Market

08 Aug 2012 News
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Due to various trademark concerns, Apple wasn't allowed to sell its latest iPad (the one with a retina display) until the last week of Q2 in China. However this hasn't been too disastrous for sales, as Apple still sold 1.7 million iPads throughout the second quarter in China. Apple has never officially revealed sales statistics of its iOS devices in individual regions but thanks to analysts and industry watchers we can estimate the amount of sales. According to, Analysys International, a Chinese analyst site, has reported that in the second quarter the Chinese purchased 2.34 million tablets representing a 63% increase from 2011. The firm also believes that Apple's iPad was responsible for a huge proportion of the sales: 72.66% to be exact. That works out to just over 1.7 million tablets. Apple is crushing the competition: Lenovo, the second biggest tablet manufacturer in China, sold just 8.38%, or roughly 196,000 tablets. Even Samsung, widely considered to be the closest to Apple worldwide, came in fourth, holding 3.59% of the market, meaning the company sold just 84,000 tablets. China's wealth is growing incredibly fast and in a world of slow-downs, China is posting increased GDP every year so we'll likely see even more growth next year. Given that China seems to love Apple tablets, Apple should do very well.  
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