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Consumers Interested In Apple iTV Idea

09 Aug 2012 News
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Gene Munster, an analyst from Piper Jaffray, believes that Apple might be missing a big market - the TV market. When asked, 49% of consumers said that if one were to exist, they'd be interested in an Apple iTV system. And Apple would even get people interested in buying another TV - 92% state that at the moment they see little reason to upgrade but if Apple were to join the market, they'd probably buy one. Most people wait seven years to buy a new television, but that might change if TVs started to improve faster. One aspect wasn't popular with customers though: price. According to, if Apple did release a TV set, it would likely be priced at ~$1,500. Only 12% of those surveyed would be willing to pay that price for the set. After all, TVs are dropping in price all the time - since 2005, 32" televisions have fallen by 76%. Also, thanks to a slowly advancing market, many old models are still viable for purchase and so discounts can be steep. Currently, Apple's standalone unit, Apple TV, hasn't done greatly regarding sales. This might be due more to lack of consumer knowledge about the market and limited uses for average customers. After all, few have a large TV or movie¬†library¬†on their computer/network. One compelling feature could be Netflix but given its integration with all three major consoles, few need Apple TV for Netflix.  
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