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Going Back To School? Get A $100 Gift Card With Apple Deal

10 Aug 2012 News
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If you're a student looking to buy a Mac for your next year of school, now might be the time to consider buying: Apple has announced that a $100 gift card for app purchases will be given to purchasers of any Mac except the Mac mini. You can also take advantage of education pricing, which knocks between $50 and $200 off the price of most Macs. If you're looking for an iPad instead, you'll get a $50 gift card. All these gift cards can be used on the Mac App Store, the iTunes Store, iBookstore, and the App Store. According to, there are some requirements: you have to be a college student (or the parent of a college student), or a faculty or staff member at a grade-level school. Apple is expected to offer these sort of incentives at back-to-school time - the company has been doing so for a long time now. First it was a free iPod touch when you purchased a Mac but the offer changed to a $100 gift card since last year. If you're not a student, you can still find some savings in the Apple Store - Apple  just started offering refurbished retina iPads, which takes around $50 off the price of a new one. Refurbished models have a new outer body and battery, plus a one-year warranty, so they are practically new.  
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