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Apple iPhone 5 To Ship Late September, Early October Outside U.S.

15 Aug 2012 News
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The much talked about iPhone 5, expected to be announced on the 12th of September, will start shipping on the 21st of September in the U.S. For the international markets, it'll likely start shipping in early October. This speculation has come after several months of rumors from leading news sites like the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, who have been constantly posting new predictions. They seem to have settled on the 12th as the announcement date and the 21st as the shipping date. iMore has posted a new report that repeated these rumors along with a new piece of information from one of its sources, suggesting that international customers will be in for a slight wait, running into early October. This is much like other Apple launches - Apple tends to have a slight delay between announcement and release in the U.S. The company then takes a while longer to roll the device out to other international markets. BGR has also backed up this rumor with sources from mobile carriers in the UK who have been warning staff to expect "intense business" during October, after the launch of a new handset in the last few weeks of September.  
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