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Apple Still Dominating Tablet Market

14 Aug 2012 News
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Apple is doing exceptionally well with its iPad at the moment, continuing its reign as king of all media tablets. reports that, according to the firm iSuppli, 69.6% of all tablet sales are iPads. Samsung, the second company in terms of sales, had just under 10% of the market, showing a huge divide between Apple and competitors. Amazon followed, with 4.2%, suggesting the Kindle Fire was still selling relatively well. Asus had 2.8% (although that'll likely rise next quarter with the Nexus 7 launch), and Barnes & Noble had 1.9%. In terms of numbers, that means that Apple has sold 17 million new iPads in the second quarter, up 44% from the first quarter. The company has gone from 58% market share in Q1 to 69.6% in Q2. This is the highest market share Apple has had since the first quarter of 2011, when the tablet market was much less competitive. And with rumors circulating that a smaller, 7" iPad will be released at the upcoming 12th of September Apple announcement, Apple shows no sign of slowing down. It's certainly a sign of strength for the iOS tablet market - despite dozens of Android tablets by quality manufacturers, Apple is still destroying them in sales, getting more than seven times the number of sales of any other competitor.  
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Matt is a technology enthusiast, particularly surrounding smartphones and Apple products. Living in the UK, Matt passionately follows all of the latest news on Apple from across the globe.