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Viral Apple Rumor Invented By Mischievous Swedes

17 Aug 2012 News
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Apple rumors are, more often than not, fake or based on false information. That doesn't stop technology blogs from posting new ones all the time. A Swedish design company called Day4 has¬†revealed that they made up an Apple rumor that has been circulating around Apple blogs for the past two weeks. This rumor gained a lot of traction, appearing on several major news outlets and tech blogs. Day4's design team wanted to do an experiment on the Internet to see how easy they could spread disinformation. They decided that targeting the Apple community would be the best bet, given the amount of popularity most rumors get (partially due to the very opaque way Apple operates - we don't get any confirmations until a huge unveiling). So Day4 set to work on their rumor. According to, hey made a 3D image of a screw, and then posted it on Reddit suggesting that they got it from a friend who worked at "that fruit company." The screw was unlike any other, meaning that repair shops could be in trouble - Apple has already¬†targeted repair shops when it made the Retina MacBook Pro the "least repairable" laptop ever. If iPhones became the same, what could Apple repair shops do? They'd go out of business.  
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