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Google's Play Store growing - almost reaching iTunes level

01 Nov 2012 News
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Android has been growing exponentially in the past few years, and you can certainly see that when you look at the Google Play Store. It now has nearly as many apps as the iOS App Store and has access to more music and movies. At the moment, iTunes has more than 700,000 apps and has been the leading provider of music and movies. According to, Google has now struck some new content distribution deals with Time Warner Music, 20th Century Fox, and Time, Inc. Combined, this means that the Google Play Store ought to have much more media available across music, movies, TV shows, books, and magazines. Google is also working with the four major music labels, so if they strike a deal Google will certainly be catching up on iTunes and Amazon MP3's music libraries. Many iOS users like to point out that they have more apps than Android, thanks to increased developer support. Previously Android users were characterized as the cheaper customers (compared to iOS) and so spent less on apps which led to less developer support. However with the release of the Galaxy S3 and other flagship phones, this stereotype is dying and app developers are starting to increase Android support. Now they're almost neck-and-neck in app numbers. Windows Phone still trails behind at 125,000 apps.  
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