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Classical Violinist app review: become an iVirtuoso with this wonderful violin simulator app



Imagine what would happen if Guitar Hero was replaced with Violin Hero! That’s exactly what we’ve got here with Classical Violinist, with its tasteful take on this classic style of gameplay complete with some gorgeous musical compositions and a highly responsive control system.

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This is actually a pretty decent game and if you enjoy listening to classical music then I would imagine you’ll get a huge thrill out of seeing the Guitar Hero and Rock Band-style of games cast in a new light with a bit more of a refined character. For more great violin apps, check out our list of the Best violin apps for iPhone and iPad

Classical Violinist


Paganini's Got Nothin' On Me!

Before jumping straight into the action I’d recommend visiting the How to Play section of Classical Violinist as the controls might be something you’re not exactly used to, even if you have played games which are fairly similar to this.

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You basically have to slide your bow from left to right to play each note, and this is achieved by sliding your finger along the screen without lifting your finger. There are two levels of gameplay difficulty so if you’re playing in Hard mode you’ll also have to slide up and down to select a string.

I’ve actually found this game challenging enough without playing in Hard mode so I can only imagine how awful I’ll be when I move up in the ranks and start playing with the pros!

Rise Through the Ranks

You receive points based on your accuracy so you’ll have to pay extra special attention to what your fingers are doing while also making sure that you stop sliding your bow when signaled to do so.

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From Bach to Brahms and from Strauss to Schubert, there is an impressive selection of classical compositions for you to play through, and each piece has been expertly synchronized with the app to enable you to play every little flourish and theme without missing a note.

Game Center is also supported by Classical Violinist so you can share your high scores with other players online, but I’m pretty sure you’re going to want to practice for a while before unleashing your virtuoso violin playing on the rest of the world!

Classical Violinist


Pros and Cons


  • Guitar Hero meets classical music in this wonderful violin simulation game
  • Delicate control system that will respond accurately to how you control your bow
  • Receive points based on your playing accuracy
  • Large selection of classical compositions to play along with
  • Professionally recorded violin samples delivering high-quality tone and intonation
  • Log your high scores and compete with other online players via Game Center



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Final Words

If you’re a fan of classical music or you simply want to branch out and try expanding your horizons a little, I would definitely recommend having a little fiddle with Classical Violinist as I think it serves as a friendly introduction to the genre that will appeal to players of all ages.



Classical Violinist

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