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Vice Magazine app review: insightful articles and hard-hitting documentaries on the go



All of my friends know I'm a news junkie, I have been the majority of my life, but in addition to my daily intake of the major news outlets I have always been a huge fan of alternative news outlets. Finally, my favorite alternative news source Vice Magazine has launched an app.  

The best news apps for iPad

If you don't know the name Vice, you really should. Vice Magazine has been published in print form for over two decades and is widely know for in-depth, first-person news articles. Many of the reporters have been sent into some of the most dangerous and war-torn situations around the world to collect true grass roots views from locals, specialists, and the participants of the story.

VICE Magazine


Into the Heart of Darkness

With its flat black background emblazoned with the white Vice logo, the app gives you the immediate realization that this is not your standard news app.  If you're familiar with the content Vice carries this presentation is a perfect fit for Vice Magazine.

The best magazine apps for iPad

Via the menu you can view the Vice Blog, the latest news stories, all of the Vice-produced documentaries, as well as search the archives of Vice for past articles. Each section of the online magazine is represented in the menu. The developers have worked extremely hard to make this app extremely user-friendly and it shows.

A lot of Vice's content could be deemed Not Safe For Work (NSFW) but the strength of the articles, and the willingness of the journalists to put themselves in harms way, is what sets it apart from all other news agencies. This app mirrors that ethic perfectly.


News, Videos, Reviews: It's All Here

A few years ago Vice Magazine decided to move away from print publication and move solely into a digital format. Vice has always been ahead of the curve, and this is just another example of how it is at the forefront for alternative news agencies.

The best news apps for iPad

The move to digital has spawned a YouTube channel, independent documentary films, and articles from all aspects of the world. Coverage involves large social movements to small sub-culture groups and everything in between.

The Vice app brings all of what makes Vice Magazine a head above the rest and places it perfectly in one place. 


VICE Magazine


Pros and Cons


  • Very straightforward and basic design
  • Extremely easy to search articles based on genre
  • Access to all of Vice's text and video archives



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Thoughts

I am admittedly a news junkie, and have multiple news apps on my iPhone that I use on a daily basis. The Vice app is easily in the top three I use, not only because of its content but also the layout and amount of information provided in so many formats. If you are a news hound, and really enjoy Alternative News agencies, the Vice app is exactly what you need.

VICE Magazine

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Matthew MacCallum

Matthew MacCallum is an award winning filmmaker, screenwriter, actor, and comedian. He is a lifelong Apple products user and has vowed never to seek help for his App addiction.