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FREE Exam Vocabulary Builder by AccelaStudy app review: test your vocabulary whenever you want



We all need to expand our vocabulary; for myself in this line of work it's essential. FREE Vocabulary Builder by AccelaStudy is an app that will definitely help anyone out there.

Sure Vocabulary Builder only offers 100 words to start with, but that is definitely more than enough of a foundation to begin building your vocabulary. But that all depends on how effective it works.

FREE Exam Vocabulary Builder with AccelaStudy®


Start Learining New Word and Terms

FREE Exam Vocabulary Builder by AccelaStudy takes a great approach to building your knowledge of words, their meanings, and their usage. As soon as you open it you are greeted with the first word, and the pronunciation plays through your speakers. The audio play back is top notch, you can replay it as many times as you want to get the proper enunciation of the word.

Below the word itself it provides you with a dictionary definition, what type of word it is (noun, verb, adjective) and two examples of how it's used in a sentence.

Once you have enough confidence that you understand the word and it's usage, you just swipe to the left and the next word in the list comes up. Everything is done in alphabetical order; if you don't want to learn alphabetically just tap Random button. You can switch back and forth from random to alphabetical on the fly.


Building Your Study

Through the menu of FREE Exam Vocabulary Builder you can gear your studies in many different ways. You can Focus on specific terms, use Spaced Repetition to reinforce your knowledge, or even use Flashcards to test your knowledge of the word's meaning, usage, and type.

All of your results are saved in Study Sets. These will give you with the percentage of nouns, verbs, and adjectives you've learned and how well you understand them. As your usage progresses the app will begin to leave out the ones you have a strong grasp on, and focus your studies in the areas you are weakest.

This makes FREE Exam Vocabulary Builder a much more in-depth and user-friendly app than most out there.


FREE Exam Vocabulary Builder with AccelaStudy®


Pros and Cons


  • Learn new words and their usage anywhere
  • Great interface and audio
  • The app understands what you've learned and where you need work
  • You can view your progress at any time



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Thoughts

FREE Exam Vocabulary Builder by AccelaStudy is a great way to expand your vocabulary and test your knowledge of words and their meaning.

With a stellar interface and incredible options to grade your development, FREE Exam Vocabulary Builder by AccelaStudy is a must-have for anyone out there, young or old, who wants to build his or her knowledge of the English language.


FREE Exam Vocabulary Builder with AccelaStudy®

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